Quarter II

Quarter II

Event 1. Theme: Design Thinking/Innovation (Quarter: II)

Name of Activity: Innovative Chemical Rangoli, February 23, 2023

Programme driven by: Self Driven Activity, Institute Innovation Cell, CMP Degree College, Prayagraj

Duration of activity (in Hr): 09      Number of Student Participants: 50

About the Event:

An Innovative Chemical Rangoli Programme was conducted by IIC, CMP, Prayagraj on  February 23, 2023. In this programme student participants expressed chemistry by making rangoli in 10 groups leaded by a Faculty member. The main topics selected by student groups to make rangoli were-

Atom economy, Nobel laureate 2022, Chemicals in daily life, Structures of alcohols, Chemical apparatus used in their Labs, Haemoglobin Structure, Titration setup, Green Chemistry, Cisplatin (anti-cancer drug) and chemical bottles in Lab. Prof. Ramendra Kumar Singh, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Allahabad was nominated as external Judge and Dr. Sarita Srivastava, Vice President IIC, CMP was an internal judge. The names of winning participants are as follows-

  1. Sugandha Sharma –  Ist Prize [Topic: Atom Economy]
  2. Kirti Jaiswal and Afreen Fatima – IInd Prize [Topic: Chemical Apparatus and Cisplatin]
  3. Shivansh Gupta    –  IIIrd Prize [Topic: Nobel Laureate]
  4. Nitish Parashar  –  Consolation Prize [Topic: Haemoglobin]

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