Quarter I

Quarter I

Event 1. Theme: Design Thinking/Innovation (Quarter: I)

Name of Activity: Expert Talk on “Launch of 5G Services”

Date: October, 18, 2022

Programme driven by: MIC Driven Activity, Institute Innovation Cell, CMP Degree College, Prayagraj

Duration of activity (in mins): 90 minutes

Number of Beneficiary : 55

About the Event:

An online session on launch of 5G Services in India was conducted by IIC, CMP Degree College, Prayagraj (UP) on 18th October, 2022 in which Mr. Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman Reliance Industry Ltd. addressed the Prime minister, other ministers, industrialist and telecom people. In his lecture he described the 5 Goals of 5G services and 5G is the next generation mobile network technology after 4G LTE networks using radiowaves or radio frequency (RF) energy to transmit and receive data. According to Mr. Ambani it will provide seamless coverage, high data rate, low latency and highly reliable communications.

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