Quarter II

Quarter II

Event 1. Theme: Design Thinking/Innovation (Quarter: II)

Name of Activity: Expert Talk on “Leadership Talk with Prof. T. G. Sitharam, Hon’ble Chairman, AICTE”, February 26, 2023.

Programme driven by: MIC Driven Activity, Institute Innovation Cell, CMP Degree College, Prayagraj

Duration of activity (in mins): 60 minutes    Number of Student Participants: 68  (Online Event via Google Meet)

About the Event:

An online session via Google Meet was conducted on Leadership Talk with Prof. T. G. Sitharam, Hon’ble Chairman, AICTE by IIC, CMP Degree College, Prayagraj (UP) on 26th February, 2023. It was an interactive session in question and answers form. According to T.G. Sitharam, research should be focussed on innovations. India can be developed country only when people focus on research instead of placement. So, the research should be innovation oriented. There should be a research ecosystem in Colleges, Universities and Institutes. These educational bodies have a mind set to give out degrees for job. But there should be a critical thinking, also more research funding for innovative research.

When a question was asked about the MANTRA of Mr. Sitharam’s life, he gave the answer that one should enjoy his/her work while do. If students are in stress, pressure, facing problems, they should be discussed with friends, parents, teachers or other elderly person. Everybody has a failure in their life. When the interviewer asked the ratio of failure and success in his life, he replied 9:1 [F/S]. He concluded by saying that if we nurture the talent in educational bodies by debates, discussion, queries and solutions, even government colleges can become IITs.

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